The transmission lineage of Dzogchen




I. The meaning of having a transmission lineage.

The meaning of having a transmission lineage of Dzogchen is explained by the following quote from Heart Advice of My Always Noble Spiritual Master: Instructions on the Preliminary Practice of the Heart Essence (snying thig sngon ’gro’i khrid yig kun bzang bla ma’i zhal lung). Sichuan, China: Sichuan Ethnic Nationality Publications, 1989. Patrul Rinpoché. pp. 501–2:

This is also necessary in this vajra essence vehicle, the heart
essence of the Natural Great Perfection. It is not taught that the
profound truth should be established through the process of
analysis and logic as is done in the lower vehicles. Nor is it taught
that common accomplishments should be relied upon in order to
obtain supreme consummation, as in the lower tantras. It is also
7not taught that you should emphasize reliance upon the illustrative
wisdom of the third empowerment to introduce ultimate
wisdom, as it is in the higher tantras. In the Great Perfection tradition,
you rely upon prayer made with fervent devotion to the
supremely realized Lama alone, whose lineage is like a golden
chain untainted by the defilement of broken tantric commitments,
and consider him to be an actual Buddha. If you simply
pray to him in this way, your mind will merge inseparably with
his wisdom mind. By the power of the transference of his blessings
to you, it is said that realization will arise within you.

II. List of the masters of the transmission lineage of Dzogchen.

The list of the masters of the transmission lineage of Dzogchen according to ngondro for Khandro Nyinthig according to Kunzang Gongpa Kundü from Pema Lingpa composed by H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche:

  1. Dharmakaya Samantabhadra Yab-Yum
  2. Sambhogakaya buddhas of the five families
  3. Nirmanakaya Garab Dorje
  4. Orgjen Tötrengtsal
  5. Yeshe Tsogyal
  6. Pema Sal
  7. Pema Lingpa
  8. the two tantrikas (Tulku Natsog Rangdrol and Umdze Dondul Pelbar)
  9. Tenzin Drakpa
  10. Pema Trinlay
  11. Tsultrim Dorje
  12. Tenzin Gyurme Dorje
  13. Tenzin Lekpai Döndrup
  14. Ngawang Kunzang Dorje
  15. Kunzang Gjurme Chokdrup Palbar
  16. Pema Tenzin Drupchok Dorje
  17. Gyalwang Gyurme Pema Khyabdak
  18. Tenzin Siszhi Nampar Gyalwa
  19. Mingyur Lhundrup Dechen Dorje
  20. Kunzang Rikdzin Dorje
  21. Kunzang Tempai Nyima
  22. Jigme Tsewang Norbu
  23. Gendun Gyamtso
  24. Dudjom Rinpoche Jigdral Yeshe Dorje
  25. Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche Kunzang Pema Nampar Gyalwa