Khordo Rushen Retreat 14th – 28th August 2010 (ENG)




Dear Friends,

We are happy to send you a detailed information concerning 14-days Khordo Rushen retreat with HH Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche. It will be held from 14th to 28th August 2010.

The retreat will take place in a remote hostel with accommodation in Destne, Czech. Only persons who completed 10 per cent of Pema Lingpa ngondro are entitled to participate.

Khordo Rushen is the next set of practices in the Dzogchen training. This set of practices helps in cutting off the attachment to samsara and our samsaric comprehension of our body, speech and mind. It enables to experience our body, speech and mind in their indestructible aspect. Also it prepares us to further practices e.g. Trekcho, Togal, Bardo.


14.08. – evening, arrival to the centre, supper

15.08. – starting of Zhi Tro initation (because a part of the participants do not have a Kunzang Gongdu initation)

16.08. – Zhi Tro initiation

17.08 – 27.08.2010 – Khordo Rushen training

Everyday in the early morning we will hold Ngondro and Riwo Sangcho practices. After breakfast Rinpoche will give lectures. In afternoons individual practice according to Rinpoche’s advice (inside the building and ouside), evening – Mahakala practice

28.08. – Final teachings, common puja „Shower of Blessings” with tsog offering, lunch and departure from the centre.

Remark: At the moment we still don’t know the exact departure time of Rinpoche. So we assume that Rinpoche will spend this morning together with us.


A centre for holding a Khordo Rushen retreat has to meet particular requirements concerning localization in a remote place in the forest. We found a suitable place at the Polish-Czech border (Destne, Czech).

The hostel is situated in the mountains, 900 metres above the sea level, in midst the forest, at the slope of the Šerlišsk Mountain. We will occupy the entire centre i.e. two buildings. The hostel is very remote, idyllic and ancient place with simple, but very tidy rooms. A part of the rooms have toilets and showers. All rooms have washbasins with hot and cold water supply. Showers and toilets are situated in the corridors.


Hotel Šerlišský Mlýn
č.p. 314, 517 91 Deštné, Czech

Website – you can find a map there.


* From Vienna to the north: around 250 km
* From Berlin via Wrocław (Breslau), Kudowa Zdroj: around 450 km
* From Munich via Prague, Hradec Kralove: around 450 km
* The nearest international airport: Prague (CZ) – 170 km west from Destne.
* The nearest international airport in Poland: Wroclaw (Breslau) (PL) – around 150 km north from Destne.

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