Sixth visit of H. E. Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche in Poland 4th – 7th December 2014 in Warsaw


We are happy to inform that His Eminence Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche together with Tshewang Tenzin (Trulku Jamdrak) and Tshering Samdrup from Bhutan will be visiting Poland between 4. 12 and 7.12.2014.

The main topic of the Rinpoche’s stay is going to be Guhyagarbha initiation (The Queen of All Tantras). Guhyagarbha tantra (Tantra of Secret Essence) is connected with Nyingma tradition and is considered to be the most important Mahayoga tantra. Eighteen great Mahayoga tantras and the practice fulfilling Eight Herukas are included in it. It is also the source of Vajrasattva sadhanas and Shitro teachings.

The initial source of Mahayoga tantras is Buddha Samantabhadra who gave transmission of these teachings to unseparable from him Buddhas of the Five Families and sambhogakaya buddhas. The teachings reached then Manjusri, Avalokitesvara and Vajrapani who taught them in nagas’, yakshas’, gods’ worlds, as well as in the world of humans, on Malaya mountain (Sri Lanka). After having been written down and hidden in the space, they fell onto the roof of king Dza’s palace of Zahor in India together with big statue of Vajrapani. The king practiced in front of this statue and after seven months he saw the face of Vajrasattva who gave him the transmission of primordial wisdom. Due to this he was able to fully assimilate in his mind the meaning of all Guhyagarbha texts. After having gone through the lineage of many teachers, the tantra came to Buddhaguya, Vimalamitra and Padmasambhava. They transmitted it to their Tibetan disciples.

Both, in India and later on in Tibet, a number of commentaries to this tantra were created. Omniscient Longchenpa wrote: „Guhyagarbha tantra is the peak of all vehicles, the source of all texts, the fastest, the greatest, the most secret way of realisation amongst the vehicles explained by buddhas of three times”. According to Mipham Rinpoche’s commentary, it explains eleven important topics which create the tantra’s classification:

1. the view of reality, 2. unmoved meditation absorption, 3. determined action, 4. mandala, 5. initiation, 6. unbroken samaya, 7. diligent practice, 8. direct offerings, 9. manifestation of the activity, 10. tying with mudra, 11. mantra recitation.

Guhyagarbha initiation is given rarely. It is also required for the students of 3rd year online shedra Longchen Rabjam which is run by H. E. Gangteng Rinpoche.


  • 10:00 AM – Rinpoche’s selfinitiation – we can join Rinpoche by doing own practice, prostrations
  • 02:00 PM – Initiation

The conditions for participation:

In initiation given by Gangteng Rinpoche can take part every interested person. The only condition is that You can stay for the whole initiation: participate fully.

Rinpoche’s lectures will be translated into Polish, English, and optionally – German, dependently on the number of German participants.


The address is as follows:
Restauracja „Antrakt”
Street/Number: Słowackiego 19a
Postal/City: 01-592 Warszawa

The restaurant is located in the district „Żoliborz“, it is a beautiful place not far from the city centre, close to the Metro station „Plac Wilsona”, and at the same time located in a very quiet corner of a park in a theatre building named: „Komedia”.

Accomodation in the disctrict Zoliborz can be found through Google under “Accomodation Zoliborz”. Also you can check for searching and booking. Here you have already 2 proposals: or

Entry registration:

Please, send Your entry up to 15.11.2014 through contact form (click) or onto mail address below, as it helps in ogranisation. While registering, give Your personal data, phone, e-mail.

Please, send your application to e-mail:

Mobile: 0048 695 945 294

Registrations to 30.07.2014 are valid only with advance payment.

See you soon! Yeshe Khorlo Poland

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