Khordo-Rüschen-Retreat in Poland

Dear Dharma-friends, November 2009

We would like to inform you already now about the Khordo-Rüschen Retreat, which is planned to take place next year in Poland. It is only meant for those disciples who have already finished at least 10% of the „Künzang Gongpa Kündü Ngondro (preliminary practices).

Khordo Rüschen (special preliminary exercise and practice) is beside Ngondro the next or following step in the perennial dzogchen-study training (further steps are Trekchö, Tögal and Bardo).

The course under the leadership of H.H. Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche is planned to take place from 14th until 28th of August in 2010. The course place is not determined so far.

The total retreat is going to be translated into Polish and English.

We want to keep the total costs of the retreat as low as possible. But, of course, they depend on the amount of participants. At the moment we cannot tell the final retreat costs, but we intend to fall short of 600 Euro – food and accomodation included.

This is one of the reasons we would like you to send us until 20th of December 2009 a not binding preregistration (via e-mail: This will make it easier for us to plan the whole course and find an approriate location.

Further details we will send by mail to those interested or you will find information on our website: .

We would be very happy to welcome many of you from all over Europe.

It is our aim to perform the whole dzogchen-cykle with H.H. Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche in Poland during the coming years.

With best regards

Yeshe Khorlo Poland