The course Khordo violations of those with Khenpo Karma Łangjelem - Darnków 09-23.06.2015 r. - Schedule


According to the plan the course and practice of violations of those Trekczo with Khenpo Karma Łangjelem will be held 9.06-23.06.2015. In Darnkowie. Thank you for existing applications.

The following preliminary plan for the course:

  1. Courses start 9.06 pm. 10:00 - learning common to both courses.
  2. End of course 23.06 before dinner - Part common to both courses.
  3. Initiation Kynzang Gongdy 10.06, beginning in the chair. 10:00 am. Oral communication is to Ngondro Kynzang Gongdy, Mahakala practices and Rain of Blessings, Ngondro Longchen Ningtik.
  4. During the all-day individual practices Ruszenu (probably the 12th and 13th of June), Khenpo la will teach Trekczo twice a day.
  5. On other days lecture violations of those to the south, lecture and practice Trekczo afternoon.

NOTE: The above schedule is approximate and subject to change!

The possibility of individual consultations with the teacher to determine on the spot.

Translation into Polish and English (from the Tibetan explains Bruno le Guevel).

Contact and help on directions: Adam, tel. 511 850 685

Please report to Adam persons who have a spare in the car and can drop other participants at the course location.

If you have questions (or late applications), please contact us at:

See you soon,
Yeshe Khorlo Poland

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