The transmission lineage of Dzogchen


I. The meaning of having a trans­mis­sion lineage.

The meaning of having a trans­mis­sion lineage of Dzog­chen is explained by the fol­lowing quote from Heart Advice of My Always Noble Spiritual Master: Instruc­tions on the Preliminary Prac­tice of the Heart Essence (snying thig sngon ’gro’i khrid yig kun bzang bla ma’i zhal lung). Sichuan, China: Sichuan Eth­nic Nationality Publications, 1989. Patrul Rin­poché. pp. 501–2:

This is also neces­sary in this vajra essence vehicle, the heart
essence of the Natural Great Per­fec­tion. It is not taught that the
profound truth should be established through the process of
analysis and logic as is done in the lower vehic­les. Nor is it taught
that com­mon accom­plish­ments should be relied upon in order to
obtain supreme con­sum­mation, as in the lower tan­tras. It is also
7not taught that you should emphasize reliance upon the illustrative
wis­dom of the third empower­ment to introduce ultimate
wis­dom, as it is in the higher tan­tras. In the Great Per­fec­tion tradition,
you rely upon prayer made with fervent devotion to the
supremely realized Lama alone, whose lineage is like a gol­den
chain untain­ted by the defilement of broken tan­tric com­mit­ments,
and con­sider him to be an actual Bud­dha. If you sim­ply
pray to him in this way, your mind will merge inseparably with
his wis­dom mind. By the power of the trans­ference of his bles­sings
to you, it is said that realization will arise within you.

II. List of the masters of the trans­mis­sion lineage of Dzog­chen.

The list of the masters of the trans­mis­sion lineage of Dzog­chen accor­ding to ngon­dro for Khan­dro Nyin­thig accor­ding to Kun­zang Gongpa Kundü from Pema Lingpa com­posed by H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche:

  1. Dhar­makaya Saman­tabhadra Yab-Yum
  2. Sam­bhogakaya bud­dhas of the five families
  3. Nir­manakaya Garab Dorje
  4. Orgjen Tötrengt­sal
  5. Yeshe Tsogyal
  6. Pema Sal
  7. Pema Lingpa
  8. the two tan­trikas (Tulku Natsog Rang­drol and Umdze Don­dul Pelbar)
  9. Ten­zin Drakpa
  10. Pema Trin­lay
  11. Tsul­trim Dorje
  12. Ten­zin Gyurme Dorje
  13. Ten­zin Lek­pai Döndrup
  14. Ngawang Kun­zang Dorje
  15. Kun­zang Gjurme Chok­drup Palbar
  16. Pema Ten­zin Drup­chok Dorje
  17. Gyal­wang Gyurme Pema Khyabdak
  18. Ten­zin Siszhi Nampar Gyalwa
  19. Min­gyur Lhun­drup Dechen Dorje
  20. Kun­zang Rik­dzin Dorje
  21. Kun­zang Tem­pai Nyima
  22. Jigme Tsewang Norbu
  23. Gen­dun Gyamtso
  24. Dudjom Rin­poche Jig­dral Yeshe Dorje
  25. Gang­teng Tulku Rin­poche Kun­zang Pema Nampar Gyalwa

  • Yeshe Khorlo: