Sixth visit of H. E. Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche in Poland 4th – 7th December 2014 in Warsaw

Gangteng Tulku Rinpocze

We are happy to inform that His Eminence Gang­teng Tulku Rin­poche together with Tshewang Ten­zin (Trulku Jam­drak) and Tshering Sam­drup from Bhutan will be visiting Poland between 4. 12 and 7.12.2014.

The main topic of the Rinpoche’s stay is going to be Guhyagar­bha initiation (The Queen of All Tantras).

Guhyagar­bha tan­tra (Tan­tra of Secret Essence) is con­nec­ted with Nyingma tradition and is con­sidered to be the most impor­tant Mahayoga tan­tra. Eigh­teen great Mahayoga tan­tras and the prac­tice ful­fil­ling Eight Herukas are inc­luded in it. It is also the source of Vaj­rasat­tva sadhanas and Shitro teachings.

The initial source of Mahayoga tan­tras is Bud­dha Saman­tabhadra who gave trans­mis­sion of these teachings to unseparable from him Bud­dhas of the Five Families and sam­bhogakaya bud­dhas. The teachings reached then Man­jusri, Avalokitesvara and Vaj­rapani who taught them in nagas’, yak­shas’, gods’ worlds, as well as in the world of humans, on Malaya moun­tain (Sri Lanka). After having been writ­ten down and hid­den in the space, they fell onto the roof of king Dza’s palace of Zahor in India together with big statue of Vaj­rapani. The king prac­ticed in front of this statue and after seven mon­ths he saw the face of Vaj­rasat­tva who gave him the trans­mis­sion of primor­dial wis­dom. Due to this he was able to fully assimilate in his mind the meaning of all Guhyagar­bha texts. After having gone through the lineage of many teachers, the tan­tra came to Bud­dhaguya, Vimalamitra and Pad­masam­bhava. They trans­mit­ted it to their Tibetan disciples.

Both, in India and later on in Tibet, a num­ber of com­men­taries to this tan­tra were created. Omniscient Long­chenpa wrote: „Guhyagar­bha tan­tra is the peak of all vehic­les, the source of all texts, the fastest, the greatest, the most secret way of realisation amongst the vehic­les explained by bud­dhas of three times”. Accor­ding to Mipham Rinpoche’s com­men­tary, it explains eleven impor­tant topics which create the tantra’s classification:

1. the view of reality, 2. unmoved meditation absorp­tion, 3. deter­mined action, 4. man­dala, 5. initiation, 6. unbroken samaya, 7. diligent prac­tice, 8. direct offerings, 9. manifestation of the activity, 10. tying with mudra, 11. man­tra recitation.

Guhyagar­bha initiation is given rarely. It is also required for the students of 3rd year online shedra Long­chen Rabjam which is run by H. E. Gang­teng Rin­poche.


  • 10:00 AM - Rinpoche’s sel­finitiation – we can join Rin­poche by doing own prac­tice, prostrations
  • 02:00 PM - Initiation

The con­ditions for participation:

In initiation given by Gang­teng Rin­poche can take part every interested per­son. The only con­dition is that You can stay for the whole initiation: par­ticipate fully.

Rinpoche’s lec­tures will be trans­lated into Polish, English, and optionally – Ger­man, depen­den­tly on the num­ber of Ger­man participants.


The address is as fol­lows:
Restauracja „Antrakt”
Street/Number: Słowac­kiego 19a
Postal/City: 01-592 War­szawa

The restaurant is located in the district „Żoliborz“, it is a beautiful place not far from the city cen­tre, close to the Metro station „Plac Wil­sona”, and at the same time located in a very quiet cor­ner of a park in a theatre buil­ding named: „Komedia”.

Accomodation in the disc­trict Zoliborz can be found through Google under “Accomodation Zoliborz”. Also you can check for sear­ching and booking. Here you have already 2 proposals: or

Entry registration:

Please, send Your entry up to 15.11.2014 through con­tact form (click) or onto mail address below, as it helps in ogranisation. While registering, give Your per­sonal data, phone, e-mail.

Please, send your application to e-mail:

Mobile: 0048 695 945 294

Registrations to 30.07.2014 are valid only with advance payment.

See you soon! Yeshe Khorlo Poland

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