Khordo Rushen Retreat 14th – 28th August 2010 (ENG)


Dear Friends,

We are happy to send you a detailed infor­mation con­cer­ning 14-days Khordo Rushen retreat with HH Gang­teng Tulku Rin­poche. It will be held from 14th to 28th August 2010.

The retreat will take place in a remote hostel with accom­modation in Destne, Czech. Only per­sons who com­pleted 10 per cent of Pema Lingpa ngon­dro are entitled to participate.

Khordo Rushen is the next set of prac­tices in the Dzog­chen training. This set of prac­tices helps in cut­ting off the attach­ment to sam­sara and our sam­saric com­prehen­sion of our body, speech and mind. It enables to experience our body, speech and mind in their indestruc­tible aspect. Also it prepares us to fur­ther prac­tices e.g. Trek­cho, Togal, Bardo.


14.08. - evening, arrival to the cen­tre, supper

15.08. - star­ting of Zhi Tro initation (because a part of the par­ticipants do not have a Kun­zang Gongdu initation)

16.08. - Zhi Tro initiation

17.08 - 27.08.2010 - Khordo Rushen training

    Everyday in the early mor­ning we will hold Ngon­dro and Riwo Sang­cho prac­tices. After break­fast Rin­poche will give lec­tures. In after­noons individual prac­tice accor­ding to Rinpoche’s advice (inside the buil­ding and ouside), evening - Mahakala practice

28.08. - Final teachings, com­mon puja „Shower of Bles­sings” with tsog offering, lunch and depar­ture from the centre.

Remark: At the moment we still don’t know the exact depar­ture time of Rin­poche. So we assume that Rin­poche will spend this mor­ning together with us.


A cen­tre for hol­ding a Khordo Rushen retreat has to meet par­ticular requirements con­cer­ning localization in a remote place in the forest. We found a suitable place at the Polish-Czech bor­der (Destne, Czech).

The hostel is situated in the moun­tains, 900 metres above the sea level, in midst the forest, at the slope of the Šer­lišsk Moun­tain. We will occupy the entire cen­tre i.e. two buil­dings. The hostel is very remote, idyl­lic and ancient place with sim­ple, but very tidy rooms. A part of the rooms have toilets and showers. All rooms have wash­basins with hot and cold water sup­ply. Showers and toilets are situated in the corridors.


Hotel Šer­lišský Mlýn
č.p. 314, 517 91 Deštné, Czech

Website - you can find a map there.


* From Vienna to the north: around 250 km
* From Ber­lin via Wrocław (Breslau), Kudowa Zdroj: around 450 km
* From Munich via Prague, Hradec Kralove: around 450 km
* The nearest inter­national air­port: Prague (CZ) - 170 km west from Destne.
* The nearest inter­national air­port in Poland: Wroc­law (Breslau) (PL) - around 150 km north from Destne.

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