The Third Visit of HH Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche in Poland, 13th – 21st July 2009, Warsaw

Seven days trans­mis­sion & two days of explanations of Pema Lingpa’s “Kün­zang Gongdü” Dzog­chen terma cycle.

Seven days trans­mis­sion of Pema Lingpa’s “Kün­zang Gongdü” Dzog­chen terma.

Receiving this trans­mis­sion enables one to do general Dzog­chen prac­tices (especially con­nec­ted with “Kün­zang Gongdü” cycle). It also authorizes to par­ticipate in a Dzog­chen course leaded by HH Gang­teng Tulku Rin­poche. The Kordo Rushen, Treg­chő, Thőgal, Bardo prac­tices are the part of this course. Receiving of the initiation entitles also to Tsa-Lung-Thigle practices.

You do not need to ful­fil any special con­ditions to par­ticipate in this cycle of initiations. Still as every Dharma prac­tice your par­ticipation should be based on inten­tion of benefiting all sen­tient beings.

Most of all, an initiation of peaceful and wrath­ful deities is held. It is given on the basis of “Kün­zang Gongdü” tema text cal­led Chin­tamani (“The Wish Jewel”), which ful­fils all hopes of disciples and is based on another text belon­ging to the secret of “Kün­zang Gongdü” peaceful and wrath­ful deities assem­bly cal­led “All-pervading Activities”.

The main pur­pose of this first initiation is to introduce disciples to the fact that their aggregates (of body, feelings, per­cep­tions, men­tal for­mations and con­sciousnes­ses), elements, eight con­sciousnes­ses, etc., are of the nature of the 42 peaceful deities, and that the 58 men­tal fac­tors par­take of the essence of the wrath­ful deities. The so-called peaceful and wrath­ful man­dalas are taught to be present respect­fully in one’s heart and one’s brain. Then, on the basis of the double prac­tice of Dzogpa Chenpo. If the prac­titioner doesn’t get liberated in this lifetime, he/she will be able to, at least, recognize those deities in the bardo state as the display of pure wis­dom - Rigpa, and then get liberated in the primor­dial purity of the Basis.

Then, there are four specific initiations :

1. the Outer Vase Initiation with elaborations (cal­led “Ocean of Nec­tar” for ripening and liberating). Its pur­pose is to dispel the veils created by a distor­ted use of the body;

2. the Secret Initiation without elaborations (cal­led “The Wheel of Jewels”). Its pur­pose is to dispel the veils created by a distor­ted use of the speech;

3. the Very Sim­ple Initiation of awakened intel­ligence - wis­dom (cal­led Supreme initiation), its pur­pose being to dispel the veils created by a distor­ted use of the Mind;

4- the Extremely Sim­ple Precious Initiation of the Word (cal­led “The Fourth Chap­ter of the Rosary”). Its pur­pose is to dispel the sub­tlest veils created by the sub­tlest delusion (cal­led the Ignorance with regard to the sole Nature, the cause) Actually it is an introduc­tion to Rigpa (the inherent knowledge-wisdom abiding in the uncreated Basis).

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