13th – 21st July 2009, Warsaw, The Third Visit of HH Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche in Poland, Schedule

Mon­day, 13th July 2009 at 11.00 am

Begin­ning of the Kün­zang Gongdü initiation

From Tues­day 14th July 2009


- 9.00 AM – Ngön­dro practice.

- 10.00 – 12.30 AM – Rin­poche prepares him­self to the initiation. Par­ticipants can be present doing prostrations, reciting man­tras etc. but your par­ticipation is not obligatory.

- 2.00 PM – Initiation.  Par­ticipation is obligatory.

- Evening – if time allows the Mahakala prac­tice will be held.

Mon­day, 20th July 2009 - Tues­day, 21st July 2009

at. 10.00 – 12.00 AM and  3.00 – 5.00 PM

Explanations to Kün­zang Gongdü initiation and this terma finished with tsog offering.

General infor­mation:

* Please, take meditation cushions and text of „Prayers & Dedications”, ngön­dro, Mahakala.
* We inc­luded two days of explanations. Tem­porarily we plan­ned to have them after the initiations. It is highly probable that Rin­poche will give explanations during cycle of initiations.
* The organizing side has a right to change the schedule.
* All actual infor­mation about the visit can be found on our website: http://yeshekhorlo.mahajana.net/ .
* The initiations and teachings will be trans­lated into English.
* Those who would like to take refuge during Rinpoche’s visit, are asked to inform about it ear­lier.
* Giving thanks to Rin­poche individually and asking for bles­sing is possible after initiations and teachings.
* Par­ticipation in the initiations does not require any specific con­ditions. One should do it with the inten­tion of benefiting all the sen­tient beings.
* Accom­modation in the cen­tre will not be possible during the event. We will have a list of hotels to arrange accom­modation available on our website soon.

Course fee

- The whole course:  120 Euro

- One day:    15 Euro

- Chil­dren under the age of 14 accom­panied by their parents:  admis­sion free

The costs are cal­culated on a minimum level; therefore we gratefully appreciate every donation for HH Gang­teng Tulku Rin­poche or the Yeshe Khorlo Poland.

Where in Warsaw:

Youth arts and leisure cen­tre: „Młodzieżowy Dom Kul­tury im. Wł. Broniewskiego”

Street , num­ber: ul. Łazien­kow­ska 7,

Post­code, city: 00-449 Warszawa

website: www.mdk.waw.pl

approach by bus­ses num­ber: 107, 108, 138, 151, 155, 159, 162, 171, 182, 187, 188, 520 (Stop: “Rozbrat”)


- on the website:  here.
- by e-mail: yeshekhorlo@mahajana.net

- by post: Christoph Trem­baczow­ski, Darn­ków 20, PL 57-343 Lewin Kłodzki, Poland.

On account of the organisation and the limited num­ber of places in the room, please register to 12.06.2009.

Coor­dination and information:

registration - Christoph Trembaczowski:

Phone: + 48 74 86 888 52
mobil: +48 790 269 746

Course organization - Magda Sapryk:

mobil: +48 501 555 564
e-mail: magdalenasapryk@gmail.com

  • Yeshe Khorlo: